Radical Forgiveness

Wow….every time that I pat myself on the back for being ” forgiving”, I learn of someone somewhere else in the world who went through horrors that I can only imagine in my worst nightmares.

In the last  episode of _Amanpour_ I learned of a woman who totally reconciled with the man who killed her family. She actually invited him to sit down & share food with her family.

I just cannot imagine the horrors of living through a genocide. I plan to buy the book _ God Sleeps in RWanda_ this Christmas season & read it.

I cannot imagine anyone willingly reconciling with the murders of their families. As a Jewish-American woman, I know that I struggle to reconcile with the horrors done to my kin back before { & during} WW2.

Genocide continues… & so many Westernized nations turn a blind eye to the atrocities taking place in  nations around the world.

Rwanda needs to totally rebuild itself from ” less than nothing”. The genocide in Rwanda ended 15 yars ago. But there is still tension between ethnic groups in Rwanda.

The real posibility for change lies with the younger generation. We youger people all over the world do not want to inherit the world of our parents & grandparents.

But women in Rwnada have some power in the current economy of Rwanda. There * is* national health insurance now in Rwanda.

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